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Frequently asked questions about covid19 rapid tests

What is the clinical performance of rapid tests?

IgG IgM tests have a specificity of 100% | 97.2% sensitivity | 98.6% accuracy

Ag rapid tests have a specificity of 99.22% | 96.72% sensitivity | 98.74% accuracy  

The Ag/Influenza rapid tests have a specificity of 99.22% | sensitivity of the  96.72% | 98.74% accuracy 

How to store quick tests?

The temperature at which the rapid tests must be stored must be between 2 and 30 degrees to achieve optimal storage of the product.

How are the results of the rapid tests interpreted?

The interpretation of the results of the rapid antibody tests will be as follows: 


Interpretation of the results of rapid antigen tests  will be as follows: 


Interpretation of Ag + Influenza Combo Test Results  is interpreted  as follows: 


Do I need a healthcare professional to perform the rapid tests?

Yes. It is strictly necessary to have a healthcare professional to be able to acquire and carry out the Lambra rapid coronavirus tests correctly and safely. 

What happens if I don't have a healthcare professional?

At Lambra we have a team of ATS (Health Technical Assistants) that we can offer as a service for the correct and safe performance of the tests.

How many rapid test units come in the boxes? 

The rapid antibody test boxes are  minimum of 25 units

The boxes of rapid antigen tests are a minimum of 20 units

The boxes of the Combo Ag+ Influenza rapid tests are a minimum of 20 units

what is included  in each rapid test box?

Plates, pipettes, reagent liquid and instructions for use are included in the antibody test boxes. However, if the client needs it, they can also be included.   lancets, disinfectant wipes, specimen collection container  or  timer.

Included in the antigen test boxes are plates, reagent fluid, collection tubes and dropper tips, a workstation, and swabs.  

Plates, reagent liquid, extraction tubes, dropper tips, work station are included in the Combo Ag + Influenza test boxes.  and swabs.

What is the availability of rapid tests?

Lambra maintains a stock of all the tests for immediate delivery depending on the quantity of the product

When is it most effective to perform the test?

The IgG IgM antibody test  it becomes progressively positive over the days from the onset of symptoms, being positive from the 7th day in 50% of patients, on the 10th day in 70% and on the 14th day from the onset of symptoms in 100% of patients. Therefore, starting on the seventh day of infection, it is advisable to carry out the test and, to have absolute certainty, carry it out again on day 14.

The antigen test or the Combo Ag + Influenza test  has a  high sensitivity in the first days of infection. Specifically, the sensitivity in the first days of contagion (0-3 days) is 100% and 90% from 4-7 days. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the test within the first three days of infection. 

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